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We rent rolloff dumpsters for Travis county and the entire Austin metro areas.

Our rolloff dumpsters are open top metal containers with an eight foor wide door on one end. Roll-off container sizes are determined by the amount of cubic yards of debris they can hold. Typical container sizes are 10 yard, 20 yard, and 30 yard. While the roll-offs are rented by volume (in cubic yards), there are also weight allowances. Each size of roll-off container will have a weight allawance that is included in the price. Containers loaded with more weight than allowed will typically result in an overage charge.

Roll-off Dumpster Dimensions

Rolloff dumpsters come in all sizes for all types of projects. People rent dumpsters for home cleanup projects, garage and basement cleanups, estate cleanups, construction jobs, roofing projects, landscaping and tree service jobs, demolition projects, and more.

Dumpsters are sold by the amount they can hold, not by the outer measurements. They are measured in cubic yards, often referred to as a "yard". A thirty cubic yard dumpster is referred to as a 30yd dumpster. A single cubic yard is three feet long by three feet wide by three feet tall. A cubic yard is 27 cubic feet. A thirty cubic yard dumpster measures about 22 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 6 feet tall.

Some of the dumpster sizes we deliver include:

Dumpster Delivery Locations

Travis Dumpster Rental provides roll-off dumpsters to all of the Austin, Texas metro area including:
Round Rock, Georgetown, Spicewood, Liberty Hill, Serenada, Walburg, Granger, Weir, Circleville, Jonah, Leander, Largo Vista, Cedar Park, Hutto, Taylor, Thrall, Pfugerville, Cele, Coupland, Lund, New Sweden, Lakeway, The Hills, Bee Cave, West Lake Hills, Manor, Littig, Elgin, McDade, Sayersville, Webberville, Sunset Vally, Manchaca, Buda, Creedmoor, Elroy, Wyldwood, Cedar Creek, Mustand Ridge, Bastrop, Camp Swift and more.

If you found this web page, then we probably deliver roll-off dumpsters to your area! Call us to find out for sure.

Rolloff Dumpster Rental Questions

Q: How much can I put in a dumpster?

A: Dumpsters can be filled to the brim, as long as a tarp can be placed on top of them and the truck can handle the weight of the dumpster.

Q: What is the weight limit on a concrete dumpster?

A: Concrete dumpsters are made to hold more weight than regular dumpsters and the trucks that carry them are able to handle the additional weight. Concrete dumpsters can be filled up halfway. That should not be exceeded as the trucks may not be able to pick up the dumpster.

Q: How much does it cost to rent a dumpster?

A: Rates for dumpster rentals vary depending on size, location, and contents of the dumpster. If you are curious about the cost of a dumpster in your area, give us a call and we can help determine how much it will be depending on the aforementioned factors.

Q: How long can I keep a dumpster?

A: Duration of your dumpster rental agreement varies depending on your location and the type of dumpster you get. The rental agreement typically ranges from one week to one month depending on the size of dumpster you want to order, where you are located, and the scope of the job you are doing. You are always welcome to keep the dumpster for longer than the rental agreement, but a daily extended rental fee will be applied. Unelss you specify when you place your order, the dumpster will not automatically be picked up when your rental agreement is over. When you are done it is your responsibility to call for pickup.

Q: How much does it cost to swap out a dumpster I have for an empty one?

A: A dumpster swap is the same as a dumpster delivery. A driver will either come pick up your original dumpster and another dumpster will be dropped off in another truck, or a driver will drop off an empty dumpster and drive away with the full one.

Dumpster Rentals for Austin, Texas and Surrounding Areas


Dumpster Rental in Travis County. This is a 30yd rolloff dumpster.

A 30yd roll-off dumpster in Austin, Texas

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